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Red Leaf Hainan Black Coffee Powder(红叶海南黑咖啡粉)

RM 8.50

Full of Malaysian traditional black coffee. (Kopi O / Hainanese Coffee)

Product Description : Ipoh Black Coffee Powder
Size per Packet: 300g / 600g
Country of Origin: Malaysia

冲泡方法: - 依个人喜好把适量的咖啡粉放入容器内。 - 把沸腾的水倒入容器内,用汤匙搅拌,等待大约3分钟,待得咖啡味道充分展现后用过滤袋把咖啡渣滤掉。 - 加入适当的糖/炼奶{以个人喜好},就可享用一杯香浓的咖啡。 


 - Put in appropriate amount of coffee powder into coffee container according to personal preference.

 - Pour in boiled water into the coffee container, use spoon to stir, wait a 3 minute,till the coffee is fully scented.

- use a filter bag to separate the coffee from the coffee grounds. 

- Add in appropriate amount of sugar or condensed milk,(personal preference)

*a cup of well made coffee is ready to be serve.